“It’s not a pretty dress that will make me have a great night; it’s being able to spend time with my friends.” That’s Avril Gau in a nutshell: plainspoken and unpretentious. Always in search of beauty, but also freedom. A rare kind of straightforwardness. Her shoes and bags mirror her personality: a marriage of a beautiful aesthetics together with a functional design, always leaving room for a little twist. Her heels – at 7,5cm at their highest- are carefully designed for walking, without compromising on style and always with a dose of vintage glam in a true Adriano Celentano and Philippe Katerine spirit.

Avril Gau was born and raised between Vercors and Provence with a one-of-a-kind family. From her mother, a secretary-accountant gifted with a great sense for the aesthetic, Avril inherits the extraordinary sense for detail. Her father was a farmer and a postman, showing Avril the beauty in hard work. “I’m the daughter of a peasant. When it’s too easy, I’m simply not interested”. A pugnacity that found a challenge in the shoemaking: only a few designers still know how to sculpt a shape, a toe, a heel, to draw and to cut.

Avril Gau learned every step of the manufacturing process at AFPIC, a Parisian institute, a reference for shoemaking. She loves to aim for the functional, to create within constraints and to comply with technical requirements. Her clients are much just like herself “Women that reflect upon their lifestyle, women that are active and assertive”